– corporal female vectors operating in the field of neurophysiologic shaping.

– horses – the symbolic bond between the human vectors of shaping and the aggresive shaped sport vehicles. The presence of horses also points out the sculptural extension of the film installation with unleashed postures of force.

– sport vehicles – elements of explore and control of the force and capacity of reaction. Directional vectors of movement anatomy in high aesthetic polished forms of almost human extended meta-mechanic costumes.




– Barrage – Symbolizes the controller of brute nature force having the ability to trasform it in constructive power source. The ration who acts like a barrier of (hypothalamic) deconstructive violent impulses.

– Shaper’s chamber – The field where the interaction between corporal and sculptural takes place.



1. Circular metal sculpture with unstable gravitational center (active center). It works as a shaper in contact with body polishing vectors.

2. Composed shaper of polyshing framed vector also in contact with the corporal characters. By this interaction it got modified symbolically from an instrument of cold polishing into an object of aesthetic expression. Also it is a sculptural extension of the film installation.



The aesthetic speculative aspect of a constructive nature of self defence, defined by corporal confrontation of human vectors leading to body strength, control of anger, improving the power of reaction and also to a visual-aesthetic sculptural moving postures on the speculative constructive field of expression.