Neuroepics – Out of the Box

In each and every one of us there are 2 beasts who are permanently fighting, one is positive and one negative. Who is going to be the winner? Of course the one who we are going to feed the most with our attention. Those latest works of Lascar represents no only highly original, professional done, exquisite pieces of contemporary art, but in the same time they define themeself as real statements.Statements regarding human condition projected in our agitated times.

The street art flavor speaks about the challenges of surviving in the urban jungle in it s contemporary arhitectural wild beauty. With a profound meta realistic imagery those works become real vectors of change.This change manifest itself at the very profound and sensible level of feelings. The visual content of those woks boosts your state of mind like a contemplative meditation,generating in the eye of the watcher positive and constructive feelings.

This process represent a real epic manifestation at a neuronal level of perception. Maybe this explain the “neuroepics ” title of the whole circle of works. What is important to point is of course the wide range of public addressability of the visual content.The paintings can be admired and understood not only by art specialists but from people of any age, education and professional skills. The dynamic original style is sustained by the unique compositional solution. The brightness of colors and their plasticity projects the viewer in a world of wild beauty, dominated by the power of instincts and will of life.

Impetuous roars of the wild beasts represent a reminder of ecological contemporary traumas that scar our planet. The text which is present in every work of the circle becomes a real mantra. A mantra of positive and motivational affirmations ,a hypnotic decorativism generating wonderful states of mind. From street art to human condition, from Eco friendly to contemplative meditation, neurophisiology and positive affirmations ,the paintings stands as highly original meta realistic points of interest in the field of contemporary art.